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Tennille Ponte, DC, MS, ATC-L, CSCS, NASM, LMT

Dr. Tennille has a well-versed background in healthcare. She was a licensed massage therapist for 16 years in Miami, Florida. Her specialties include sports massage, deep tissue massage, and therapeutic massage.

Dr. Tennille also went to school at Florida International University for her BS in Exercise and Sports Science. During her schooling she interned as a student athletic trainer in the following sports: wrestling, football, baseball, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Her responsibilities included evaluation of injuries, supervising student trainers, developing rehabilitation protocols, and developing strength and flexibility programs. She also became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

Dr. Tennille was in a terrible car accident. It was so severe that it left her in a state where she was told that life as she knew it was over. Her traumas included concussion, retinal detachment, lacerations, medial meniscus tear, medial collateral ligament tear, and three dislocations. She also had two herniated discs and the pain was so great that she couldn't sit for longer than five minutes at a time. It was through treatments including chiropractic and exercise that helped her overcome this difficult time in her life. It allowed her to live a pain-free, fully functional life that every person deserves to live. It also inspired her to become a chiropractor and help others the way chiropractic helped her.

Dr. Tennille decided to further her education by attending Life University in Marietta, Georgia where she obtained a Doctor of Chiropractic and a MS in Sports Health Science. For her MS, her major focus was injury prevention for athletes. 

Besides her thirst for knowledge, it is no surprise that Dr. Tennille also has a passion for athletics. She has played many sports including basketball and running track. Dr. Tennille's true passion is martial arts. She holds many black belts in various techniques including a Kukkiwon in Taekwondo. When she is not helping others reach their maximum potential, Dr. Tennille is striving to reach hers.

It was because of Dr. Tennille's experience as an athlete that she pursued education in healthcare. She has had multiple concussions. She has had sprains and strains. She has had broken bones. She has had to compete when her body was injured and broken down. Dr. Tennille understands what it is to reach deep within yourself and pull drive from a place where it doesn't exist. She knows what it's like to hunger for the win and do all within her power to win. Dr. Tennille wants to be the healthcare provider she wishes she had during her competition years.

Dr. Tennille is also bilingual. She fluently speaks, reads, and writes in both English and Spanish.