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Myofascial trigger point technique is

offered at Neurotensegrity Wellness

Center and is performed in order to

remove pain and increase range of

motion. Myofascial trigger points are

known to cause pain that can travel

to another part of the body. Myofascial

trigger points can also cause restriction

in a person's range of motion. Myofascial

trigger point technique locates the specific point in the body that is causing the pain and removes it through manual pressure. It is an uncomfortable process during the treatment, but the results afterward include decrease and/or removal of pain and increase range of motion in the affected area.

According to the Mayo Clinic and American Family Physician, myofascial trigger points can be caused by poor posture, lack of exercise, joint problems, poor sleep, poor nutrition, repetitive motions and/or stress that cause muscle tension. If the myofascial trigger point remains untreated, it could become myofascial pain syndrome. This is a chronic version of myofascial trigger points.

If you feel that you are experiencing myofascial trigger points, then myofascial trigger point technique may be the right therapy for you.

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