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Massage: Sports Massage:

Sports massage is offered at Neurotensegrity Wellness Center to provide care for an athlete who has suffered from a sports injury. Sports massage is also used by athletes to improve their performance in their sport, such as increasing flexibility and increasing the recovery rate. There are many instances where an athlete will find a sports massage beneficial. Like therapeutic massage, different levels of pressure are utilized depending on when the athlete is receiving a massage. If you are an athlete (whether you are professional, collegiate, or recreational) and you want to improve your performance, this may be the massage technique for you.

Pre-Event Sports Massage:

A sports massage is provided a couple of days before the event to prepare the athlete for the competition.

Event Sports Massage:

A sports massage is provided just before the event to increase circulation throughout the athlete's body so the athlete is "warmed up" and ready to perform at his/her optimum human potential.

Post-Event Sports Massage:

A sports massage is provided to help the athlete's body return to a calm state.

Recovery Sports Massage:

A sports massage is provided a while after the athlete had performed. This is when the massage therapist is able to properly evaluate the athlete and provide care to any injury the athlete may have obtained.

Maintenance Sports Massage:

A sports massage is provided while the athlete is on the off-season. The goal of a sports massage during this time is to create significant changes that lead to better performance and decrease risk of injury.

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