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Your Journey to Health Begins at

Neurotensegrity Wellness Center!

I can advise you on prevention because it is essential to maintaining a healthy life.

I can provide you with a safe, natural way that helps you express your health to your optimum potential.

I can be your coach, guide, partner, facilitator and cheerleader.

But I would be honored to be your Chiropractor!

I cannot be your healer, because that's your job.

I can, however, help you to heal yourself by removing an obstacle to the expression of that natural healing power. Spinal misalignments (subluxations) can produce neurological distortions (interference) which will reduce your body's ability to function properly, maintain itself and heal itself naturally. Chiropractorsadjust (correct) spinal subluxations.

I am not your healer! That power is yours.

The Power to Heal is Within You!!!!!